Kawasaki H2r Price Speed Test

Kawasaki H2r Price Speed Test.

five out of five (5/5)

kawasaki h2r price Redesign and Concept
kawasaki h2r price Concept and Review

Author: Adam Child

Published: 12 July 2018

Updated: 03 November 2020

This Kawasaki Ninja H2R has were given a claimed 310bhp (although our testers noticed 249.76bhp on the rear caster at the dyno…), a supercharger and may hit over 200mph with accustomed our bodies like me and you benumbed it. 

Some will say the Kawasaki H2R’s capability is too much: it’s too fast, too costly, too vicious, and yes – it’s all those things, but who cares? I wouldn’t if I had £41k to take in on an H2R.

Thank you Kawasaki for reality so adventurous – you promised it might be annihilation abbreviate of epic, and also you brought. What delivered is there to say? It’s the closing pinnacle trump card; the fastest, high-quality able assembly motorcycle ever, and it really works. Beautifully.

kawasaki h2r price Ratings
kawasaki h2r price History

However, the audacious affair truth is that it is not alley legal, and the bankrupt is so blatant that real few circuits will acquiesce its blazon on trackdays. It occupies a aberrant no-guy’s acreage and as such it’s adamantine to absolve to be used within the UK until you absorb all of your time benumbed on runways, or intend to constrict it overseas in a acrimonious barn as a collector’s object… Its five-star appraisement charcoal though, artlessly because of its mind-altering overall performance.

4 out of 5 (four/five)

The H2R feels like a really altered motorbike to its H2 street-bike sibling. It’s 22kg lighter than the H2, turns less difficult, holds its band better.

The abeyance is the aforementioned amid the H2 and R but it has to accord with underneath weight and the less attackable settings are introduced sick-suited to the music. I makes you feel like a GP rider; the noise, the velocity, the electricity. It’s batty and summary in according measure. 

In 2017 the H2R got a brand new Ohlins TTS shock with alien pre-load acclimation and a altered bond with an updates benefit allowance that offers a added abiding feeling. Anchor and clamp levels were additionally accustomed added angled edges and have been fabricated a piece shorter.

5 out of five (five/5)

kawasaki h2r price Specs
kawasaki h2r price Pictures

Surprisingly there isn’t a big bulk of aberration amid the two variations of the Kawasaki H2 (standard and R); both be given the aforementioned bore and stroke, pistons and valves – alike the aforementioned supercharger!

The assimilation and bankrupt structures are distinct, as are the ECU, the whole abject loom, camshafts, tyres, arch gasket, seize, aerodynamic wings and carbon fibre bodywork. 

Kawasaki chose to use the exceptional able of all blower types, a centrifugal supercharger, in which a spinning impeller rotates at remarkable dispatch to enhance air right into a adequateness alcove – or airbox to you and me ­– place all that dispatch is customized into strain.

The accent of aerial potential is that energy-robbing calefaction accretion is minimum, and the H2’s aerial adiabatic capacity organization that it may be run after the fee for a beefy and complicated intercooler, extenuative weight and space.

Machined from a wonderful artificial block of aluminium software five-axis CNC machining, the 69mm impeller has 6 blades at its tip and 12 blades at its base, all with grooves express into the logo surfaces to recommendation absolute the airflow.

The impeller’s pumping lodging at abounding dispatch is an absurd 200 litres consistent with second.

kawasaki h2r price Ratings
kawasaki h2r price Price and Review

The aluminium airbox has a 6.0-litre ability, and the burden relevant will get entry to to as abundant as 2.4 instances atmospheric stress, which is why it’s no longer the generic synthetic construction.

The aluminum is moreover claimed to act as a radiator for the pressurised air, befitting it as air-conditioned as accessible afore it enters the assimilation port. All that burden has to head approximately again you shut the throttle, which is why you can recognize the H2 squeaking at some point of gearshits, or because the burke is closed. This the airbox burden abatement valve venting. Psssh.

The supercharger is apprenticed by means of a all-embracing accessory educate, which runs off the crankshaft, steady in a actual bunched unit, with basal capacity loss. The accent alternation will increase the impeller dispatch to 9.2 times the crank dispatch via a 1.15x footfall accent and a 8x all-embracing tools.

This agency that at quality agent dispatch on the H2R, approximately 14,000rpm, the impeller shaft is spinning at about a hundred thirty,000rpm.

The assimilation ports are capable of make sure bland breeze and minimise resistance, at the same time as the bankrupt ports are immediately, and don’t bring together within the butt head, announcement faster fuel float. The high-lift cams acquiesce fast fuel alternate, whilst a advanced overlap company assimilation air is acclimated to advice abolition the bankrupt gases.

The agitation alcove employs a collapsed agent acme to recommendation count on agent knock. The assimilation valves are chrome steel, however the bankrupt valves naked with a purpose to cope with the supercharged engine’s high-temperature bankrupt gases, so contain an inconel arch fricton-welded to a animate stem. The pistons are moreover casting rather than artificial to action larger calefaction management homes.

kawasaki h2r price Reviews
kawasaki h2r price Performance

The naysayers, mainly added bike manufacturers, claimed Kawasaki had by myself the brawl via abbreviating an intercooler. It’ll in no way project they said. Well, it does.

As able-bodied as their supercharger fact inherently calefaction efficient, Kawasaki receive done mixture they are able to to accumulate the agent temperature low. The anatomy layout, abridgement of lower fairings, water-cooled oil cooler, and adequate coolant passageways all dump calefaction speedy.

The baptize anorak alike extends amid the accompanying bankrupt ports of anniversary cylinder, and about the atom bung holes to whip calefaction away.

To facilitate easy, rapid moving, the H2s use a canine-ring blazon transmission, developed with acknowledgment from the Kawasaki Racing Team.

Unlike a generic gearbox wherein about-face forks accelerate the apparatus into function, with a canine-ring manual the apparatus all wreck in region, and the dog earrings boost up into function to rent the tailored tools. It makes for a lighter, smoother, and stronger gearbox.

five out of five (5/5)

kawasaki h2r price Speed Test
kawasaki h2r price Exterior

Build affection is incredible, and there accept been no letters of any antecedent troubles.

three out of 5 (3/five)

The Ninja H2R makes alike the banal H2 attending sensible. This is the best acute meeting motorcycle you may purchase, and at £forty eight,000, it ain’t reasonably-priced.

It will charge correct servicing, and in case you’re agog on hobby the abounding pressure of the beauteous acceleration, you would bigger ringfence a suited tyre finances, too. The Bridgestone slicks might not aftermost abounding trackdays.

The H2R has a agnate account evaluation breach to a antagonism motocross motorbike; every 15 hours ridden at over 8000rpm, or approximately 10 trackdays. At 15 hours the motorbike desires a account and altruism test, at 30 hours it will price a abounding carrier. 

On the ablaze facet, the akin of accomplishment and affection is first-rate, and it’s already an iconic device. Its specialness isn’t interest to achromatize – it is an burning collector’s dream purchase.

kawasaki h2r price Prices
kawasaki h2r price Price, Design and Review

It would not honestly be given any opponents even though Suzuki’s Hayabusa does action acute dispatch at aloof a abbreviate of the fee. The massive, pace-in search of Suzuki went off auction in 2018, even though a few 2019 models went on public sale in North America, but a 12 months-old equipment expenses aloof £10k on MCN Bikesforsale.

five out of five (5/five)

The H2R comes with a deluge of ascendancy structures to forestall it battlefront you on the surroundings, the highlights are: 

KTRC (Kawasaki Absorption Control)

The new KTRC machine’s multi-degree modes accord riders a extra cardinal of settings to accept from. Mode 1 is for the tune, Mode 2 for the road, and Mode three for moist situations. A Rain Mode is additionally accessible separately, which banned capacity by delivered than 50%. In 2017 the H2R got nine degrees of absorption ascendancy and cornering ABS.

KLCM (Kawasaki Barrage Ascendancy Mode)

kawasaki h2r price Performance
kawasaki h2r price Engine

There’s no price to abhorrence the supercharger for instant getaways, as the H2’s barrage ascendancy will count on caster ambit and minimise wheelies off the line. Riders can be given from three modes, anniversary alms a step by step greater akin of intrusion. Artlessly authority the burke advanced open, and let the clamp out. KLCM can be acclimated for this reason with KTRC.

KEBC (Kawasaki Agent Anchor Control)

The KEBC association lets in riders to baddest the bulk of agent braking they prefer. By selecting ‘LIGHT’ in the KEBC settings, for instance, the agent braking aftereffect is decreased, accouterment under arrest again benumbed at the circuit. Another 2017 amend noticed the H2R get a brand new anti-lock anchor device.

ABS can be deactivated at the H2R. In fact, all addition aids may be switched off – if you are adventurous enough…

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kawasaki h2r price Price, Design and Review
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kawasaki h2r price Review

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